Greetings to the horde of bestia. Congratulation for the second album “ronkade parved”. For those, who never heard about you yet, can you introduce yourself ? How did you find Together ? What is your musical background ? You are active since 2000 ?
I started to play in metal bands around 1996-97 on bass and drums. Later I moved on to guitar and decided to form my own death/black metal band. First working line-up of still nameless project got together in the beginning of 2000. We decided to give name Bestia to it in the end of year, just before our first gig. We had a lot of line-up changes in those 9 years and music has changed more to pagan/black metal style.

Can you explain the differences between the new album and the older stuff. Are there difference ? Music? Lyrics ? Themes ?

Our first album “Hallutsinatsioon” is more like compilation, we just recorded most of songs what we had ready and that’s it. Songs for “Ronkade parved” were carefully polished one by one before studio sessions and some riffs were changed even after recording of drums. I think our music has became more technical and atmospheric. New album has powerful non-commercial sound and and we used first time “unusual” instruments like saxophone, flute and viola. I think it was great move, it adds more interesting details to songs, also our new singer makes it all different from old stuff.
Ah yes, there is quite big change in lyrics too, they are now mostly written by good friend of mine.

About the lyrics….do you broach issues of special themes ? What is it about, inspiration and so ?

Our newer lyrics talk mostly about ancient times and inspiration comes from nordic nature, mythology and folklore.

Comment from author of most of lyrics: “the lyrics speak about introspective and philosophical themes, mixed with sadness, grief and nostalgia, cloaked with fog which comes from pagan views on life”.

Let’s talk a little bit about your music-style. I’ve red somewhere, you are doing a mixture of Black and DeathMetal, maybe a little bit depressive, is that right ? Or I am completely wrong ?

Yeah, our music was kind of mix of black and death metal in the beginning. Now the style has became more atmospheric and we used some “unusual” additional instruments on last album. When I think of word “depressive” there come to my mind all those new suicidal BM bands, so maybe words “nostalgic” and “epic” suite better to describe us. There are still some thrash and death metal influences in our newer songs, also you can find few folkish moments. We just call it pagan black metal.

Who is doing the songwriting ? Do you have a master-person or is everybody involved ?

I write most of riffs, later we finish and polish songs together in rehearsal room. This method works best for us.

The new album was released by evil destribution. Is it a true label ? Can you benefit from it ? Todays it is of course important to have a promotion partner who is working well, otherwise you will “sit in the dark yet”.

Evil Distribution is honest little underground label. Right now we are promotiong together Bestia album. So, they do all possible for us with limited resources and feedback is great.

Apropos „dark“. How can i imagine a live performance of your band ? Do you embody something special ? For example „bleak“ oder „cold“ performance with corpsepaint ?

With new line-up we started to use corpsepaint, we call it “warpaint” and it doesnt look very typical in my opinion. Also we have special medieval-looking shirts and some other accessories for gigs, to make them interesting.
Well, our performances are very intensive and merciless, like it was described in one concert review: “there is battle going on stage from first song to last”.

Tell me something of the underground scene in Estland. You have one I know. (Who has not :o) ) Like the same as in germany ? We have thousands of bands, sometimes I think we have to much who play too worse….
Are you able to play enough shows in your country ? Are there the possibilities to organize shows very often ?

Estonia is much smaller country than Germany, but yes we have some kind of metal scene. Black metal is not very popular at the moment and its gone back to deep underground again, but in general we have bunch of various metal bands here. Few of them have gained some attention abroad and work very hard, but most of bands just enjoy beer and play for friends, it’s like everywhere I guess, hehe. More info at:
There are some rock clubs/pubs around the country, in bigger towns metal gigs take place every month, sometimes on every weekend. So it’s not very hard to organize shows at all and foreign bands visit us quite often.
We don’t play many gigs, as our scene is pretty small and it’s not reasonable to play very often, but instead make special gigs.

So, your future plans ? Gigs out of Estonia ? Maybe Germany ? Next album etc ?

Well, we had summer period almost without rehearsals, soon we will start practicing again.
Probably we will do little touring around Estonia on late autumn, just got call from friendly band about it. And I think we will play few gigs also in our neighbour countries later, no plans about Germany yet! But it would be great!
On next year will be our 10 year anniversary, if everything goes as planned, we will record some new and old songs for special anniversary release.

Any other regards and statements ?

Thank you for this little chat! Stay brutal!